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Attentive Service ~ Exceeding Expectations! 
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Carol Wilhems, Adventure Travel Source

As an adventure travel specialist I diligently offer light to moderate-adventure experiences such as river & expedition cruising (including barefoot/schooners), specialized tour operators for off-beaten path exploration, health & wellness packages at guest ranches and wilderness lodges and more.  With an emphasis on traveling sustainably, you can rest assured selected suppliers are carefully vetted so that your journeys are focused on scenery, wildlife, culture and history that build everlasting memories.

Having lived/worked in So California, Hawaii, So Florida/Caribbean and now Henderson/Las Vegas since 2004 – my clients can tap “insider” knowledge of these hot spots. Furthermore, my travels include remote Pacific Islands like Pohnpei (Federated States of Micronesia) . . . upriver of Borbon on Rio Cayapas, Ecuador . . . Veendam, northeastern Netherlands (Holland) during 50th anniversary of liberation-WWII . . . Whitehorse, Yukon on foot . . .  the Great Blue Hole-Lighthouse Reef, Belize to name a few “off-beaten path” experiences.

Our agency also designs exhilarating vacation travel opportunities for affinity groups (social, outdoor & wildlife enthusiasts, professional/fraternal, reunions) and of course, families.

Adventure Travel Source  >>  your partner in discovery!      

Carol Wilhems                                                                      

West Palm Beach, FL

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