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Discover America


Outdoor adventures are plenty

If traveling abroad is concerning, there are many places to explore across North America.  River cruise America and our Great Lakes . . . Glamp in breathtaking outdoors . . . or take the family to a Guest or Dude Ranch for their range of activities for different ages.  We know where the fly-fishing is, and how to kayak into otherwise inaccessible coves.     


Glamp isn't just pampering

At Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort in California, one can ride horseback in addition to bike, and if your outdoor preference lies on the court or course, those options are also available.  There are other similar escapes in the Western U.S. -- and we've got'em short-listed based on your primary activity interests.

















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Lots of folks flock to Cabo San Lucas, but there are popular spots along the Sea of Cortes (aka: Gulf of California) where time slows down and travelers can observe unique marine life a'la Jacques Cousteau. We can help you find these enclaves and make recommendations based upon your travel interests and preferences.  























Ocean doesn't mean busy beach

Want water?  Perhaps you and the kids can explore the coast instead of roasting on a raucous beach!  We can recommend tide-pools, Intracoastal Waterways, barrier islands, Florida Keys and other watery escapes.

Or perhaps it's time to take that rafting adventure?  Of course, there's always the houseboat rental with lazy days spent exploring the shores of America's recreational reservoirs and casting a line in search of dinner.